It is time for you to live as who you really are:

  • the salt of the earth,

  • the light of the world,

  • sons of God,

  • citizens of heaven,

  • kings and priests unto God,

  • ambassadors of the highest government in the universe.

 It is time to be a disciple and to become a discipler.

 Every believer will benefit from these Bible Studies. 

 The Bible Study is livestreamed


Thursdays       Bible Study       6.30 pm-8.30 pm        Pastor Ian Taylor plus Q/A time

Wednesdays   Bible Study       7.00 pm-8.30 pm        Pastor Ian Taylor - Held in St.Catharines @50 Niagara St.


28 Parkdale Ave. North, Hamilton, Ontario L8H 5W8, (905)549-3884

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