Heaven's Sounds

What is the story behind "Heaven's Sounds" ?

I was at home that day, resting after a full day's work, reading a book about the glory, while my husband Ian went to pick up one of our children from a youth meeting. It was the late night of April 4th, 2011 when I got up from reading the book. On my way, I sensed a pull in my spirit to stop and look at the electric organ in our living room. As I stopped and looked at the organ, I heard in my spirit, "go sit". My heart response was "why? I do not play piano." I heard that same gentle direction again, "go sit". While pondering what the Holy Spirit is doing, I started moving ahead and said in my heart, "I will, on my way back".

On my way back to continue reading the book, I passed the organ. Suddenly, I remembered that I had said, "I will (go sit) on my way back." I stopped, backed up a few steps and sat at the organ's bench. I looked at the organ and thought to myself, "now what?" Immediately, I heard in my spirit, "every time you sit, the anointing will be present there". I knew that the Spirit of God was speaking to me. I put my hands on the organ's keys and I started playing by faith.  From that day until now, whenever I sit at the organ or piano, I experience the unfailing faithfulness of God my Father as I hear heaven's sounds coming out from the piano as I play.

Over a period of a year following that occurrence, the Spirit of the Lord gave me the understanding that God's desire is that these heavenly sounds be heard all over the world. These sounds will set people free: Free to worship Him, to adore Him, to commune with Him, to sing new songs to Him in Spirit & in Truth, to pray, to intercede as the Holy Spirit leads. These sounds will deliver people from oppression, and create an atmosphere for healing to take place. Atmosphere of God's peace will envelope those people who hear these heavenly sounds & melodies. This heavenly inspired music will usher the atmosphere of heaven to earth. The magnitude of the effect of these heavenly sounds has no limit or boundaries, and it is yet to be unveiled, released in a greater measure, and experienced by multitudes before Jesus' return.

With God all things are possible. I give glory to my Lord God omnipotent who reigns.

You are blessed as you listen to these heavenly sounds.

Eternally His,

Pastor Daad Taylor

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