Praise Reports

Ariel C. Post
August 23, 2018
In May, I quit a job in which I had been chronically unhappy. I was terrified because I did not have another job lined up. I was raised to be cautious, careful, practical and to only depend on myself and to trust no one else. It was very difficult for me to trust God completely and sometimes I still need reminders and prayer but I am happy to report God has blessed me in a way I could have imagined! Next week I start at my new job as a teacher at a Christian school. I will be teaching the third grade this year and am overwhelmed with joy. I did not see this blessing coming but now, I know, God could not have brought it into my life had I not stepped out in faith this past May. Keep praying, studying the scripture, and remain positive and live each day from a place of love. God is no respecter of persons and if he did it for me. Trust me, he will do it for you, too!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 21, 2018
praise the lord, i want to thank the lord for the lords ministry house for his body and for his very sensitive and personal way of reaching me taking me by the hand lifting me up and offering a way. you brought me from glory to glory over and over. yesterday i stood with waves lapping around my waist watching as my family in Christ played joyously, laughing and play fighting. i was so full oo His love and peace i stood in the waves and cried. what a life he has given us! that moment.......and yet i know each day will somehow exceed that moment. He goes so beyond our expectations and he does that through you (the body and specifically the taylor family)without disrespect daddy you are big G Gods to me.
IF i never see you again in the flesh i will see you every moment in Christ and in me and in my heart, in the world around me in the universe, i will smell you in the flowers i will taste you in my favorite chocolate, drink your water into my soul.
ps. this must have been written by the spirit because i can do all things but this letter came through Christ who strengthens me.
lots of love. your daughter
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Scott B. Post
August 28, 2017
Dream Aug.23 2017

I seen a church called The Lords Ministry House at the Airport, the front of the church was so nice I felt compelled to take a picture (vision of the future). The church had a rolls Royce parked across the front (traveling ministry / missions). I seen inside the church and the Pastors Ean & Daad Taylor.

= The Lord is saying in the vision that Ean Taylor's church The Lords Ministry House in the east end of Hamilton, God's vision for your church is it to be a base for training up ministers and missionary's for traveling ministry, this season God will abundantly provide finances for traveling missions.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 24, 2016
I just want to exalt my Most Excellent God of Gods and Lord of Lords in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, my Prince of Peace for his most excellent mercies towards me. Early this year my supervisor decided she'd prefer to be a stay-at-home mom and resigned. Barely qualified for her position though, I applied for the vacancy. What happened next was nothing short of an act of my Heavenly Father. Although the several persons vying for the job, more qualified and more experienced than me, I was chosen. Praise to my Living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! By his grace, I managed to skip two ranks! And so I just want to give Glory to my Holy Heavenly Father for such an incredible blessing and I pray that he will make me a faithful steward of all he placed in my care. Glory to the God of Israel in the Highest!
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